Pretty-in-Pink Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is surprisingly easy to make once you’ve cracked the basics of making lip balm. This lip gloss makes use of beetroot powder to give it a pretty pink colour. Beetroot powder is very rich in colour (as you will know if you’ve ever cooked and peeled beetroot without gloves!) and will successfully impart its rich red colour in your cosmetics.

Because we are infusing an oil and (dried) beetroot is water-based, you won’t get the same deep red as you would if you were using water or vegetable glycerine, but you should still nonetheless get a nice pink-coloured oil at the end.

I’ve chosen to use beeswax for my recipe but any vegans out there can rely on candelilla wax. Just beware that it sets slightly harder than beeswax so you’ll need less of it. If you increase the amount of beeswax in this recipe you will end up with a pink lip balm so you can choose what you would prefer to make. This recipe is sort-of a lip balm / lip gloss hybrid but don’t be afraid to play around with ratios!

I’ve photographed the lip gloss with some cotton buds as I found them very useful for applying my Pretty-in-Pink lip gloss. Enjoy and make sure to show off that lovely pink pout to the world!



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