DIY Plantain Body Scrub

Plantain is wound healing, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant, weak antibiotic, immuno modulating and antiulcerogenic. What a hedgerow herb! We’re going to use it in this recipe to make a fabulous DIY Body Scrub to use in the shower.

Firstly, check – are you allergic to plantain? If you think there’s a chance, I recommend doing a skin patch test first where you test out the oil on a small patch of skin on your inner arm and leave it 24 hours to see whether you have a reaction. If you have hayfever or you are generally very sensitive to plants in springtime it’s possible that you might be allergic to plantain as its pollen is a major contributor to hayfever.

Secondly, do you know how to identify plantain? If not, read this article on plantain first to familiarise yourself with this awesome herb. Always make sure you know how to identify the plant you’re looking for. This is plantain the herb, not plantain the cooking banana!

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