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I love using wild herbs in my skincare formulations, which is part of the reason I set up Herb & Hedgerow a couple of years ago. I was recently given a bottle of macerated Calendula oil so wanted to make the most of it by formulating a lip gloss that contains this wonderfully nourishing plant oil. I also added Chamomile essential oil into the blend. Chamomile is a brilliant plant to use in skincare as it is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial but still very suited for sensitive skin.


This lip gloss uses castor oil which is thick and shimmery and used in many commercial lip gloss formulations. If you try to blend it with another oil such as sunflower oil (a useful blend when you’re doing the Oil Cleansing Method), it is so much heavier that it will sink to the bottom of the bottle. This thickness makes it perfect for a lip gloss because it will sit on your lips much longer than other oils, which might absorb quicker.


I chose not to colour this lip gloss but you could add alkanet powder to the oil to get a nice pink tinge. I think that sometimes it’s nice just to have a beautiful gloss without colour. I love the feel and the smell of this recipe and it looks just like a professional lip gloss.

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