DIY Lemon Shine Nail Oil

Our nails need pampering every once in a while. We all have busy lives and many of us (me included) don’t have time to regularly look after our nails and cuticles.

Even for those people who have regular manicures, you might not actually be doing your nails a favour. Nail polishes typically contain solvents, film formers, resins, plasticisers, pigments, pearls and thickening agents. Your nails are quite porous so it’s possible that some of these chemicals are absorbed further into your nail bed and beyond. I can guarantee you that most if not all of the ingredients in nail polish will be synthetically manufactured.

Even if you’re not using nail polish, every day your nails and cuticles are being exposed to the elements and they can become brittle and dry. So it is worth taking the time to treat your nails and cuticles, they deserve it. Let’s have a look at a DIY nail and cuticle oil that you can make at home with natural ingredients.

This Lemon Shine Nail Oil will gently nourish your nails. It uses two different essential oils that will help keep your nails healthy through their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

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