DIY Spirulina Facial Mask

I have another simple but amazing recipe for you.

This recipe combines the deep cleansing and purifying effect of green clay with the nourishing and moisturising effect of Spirulina. Spirulina is a blue-green algae applied both as a cosmetic ingredient and as a food supplement. Rich in minerals and amino acids it nourishes and moisturises the skin and improves the skin texture, the effect is immediate.

Prepare this mask in small and single application portions. You can prepare the mask with freshly prepared juice, freshly brewed green of white tea or a hydrolat.

Here I have an example for you but basically you can replace the plant oil and the tea with your favourite oils and infusions/hydrolats.


Elham is a cosmetic chemist and founder of Polymorphy consulting and SkinChakra. She is an artisan soap manufacturer, a supplier of cosmetic ingredients, an industry consultant and formulator and a tutor for almost 20 years. She runs workshops and seminars in her small cosmetics laboratory in Bavaria, Germany and elsewhere in the world for a broad range of participants from industry formulators to DIY laywomen. Visit her blog under:  Follow Elham on Facebook at

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