DIY Facial Oil for Dry Skin

This DIY Facial Oil for Thirsty Skin will moisturise and nourish your skin. The use of Rosehip oil and Vitamin E oil will provide additional anti-ageing benefits.

Thirsty skin, or dry skin, doesn’t produce as many oils and fats as other people’s. This means that your skin’s protective barrier is impaired slightly and lets moisture out, whilst potentially allowing allergens and irritants in. Using soaps or washing-up liquid can further strip oils from your skin. In order to maintain that healthy skin barrier it’s good to use emollients (oils) to make your skin soft and supple. Using a good facial oil can do wonders for your skin. It may seem like a strange idea to put oil on your skin but you won’t be making your skin greasy. In fact, the oil creates a barrier and helps restore some of the moisture in the top layers of your skin.

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