DIY Avocado Lip Scrub

DIY Avocado Lip Scrub

Today’s recipe is a guest recipe by Elham Eghbali.¬†Elham is a cosmetic chemist and founder of Polymorphy consulting and SkinChakra. She is an artisan soap manufacturer, a supplier of cosmetic ingredients, an industry consultant and formulator and a tutor for almost 20 years. She runs workshops and seminars in her small cosmetics laboratory in Bavaria, Germany and elsewhere in the world for a broad range of participants from industry formulators to DIY laywomen. Visit her blog at: ¬†

During all my years of experience as an instructor I’ve hardly seen anybody applying a lip scrub. Even during a professional facial treatment most of the aestheticians ignore lips completely, no scrub, no mask.

In this super easy and ready to-go recipe I apply my number one oil: Avocado oil. Avocado oil (of course the crude and unrefined oil) is an excellent skin, hair and nail care oil. Rich in unsaponifiables and with an excellent fatty acid profile it performs excellent wound-healing, anti-inflammatory and barrier repair function. The biotin present in the crude oil makes it one of the most effective nail & hair care oils.

Specially for tender lip skin, and because the oil comes in contact with the mucous membrane (and with olfactory tract) I’ve chosen avocado oil for it’s green, fresh taste and smell. Its inherent smell is so pleasant that you don’t need to apply and fragrance in this recipe.

I recommend preparing this recipe in single dosages directly before application. The preparation is so fast and easy that you really don’t need to prepare a big jar.

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Avocado Lip Scrub

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