Chocolate Lip Gloss

We all love chocolate, face it. So what better than a chocolate-flavoured lip gloss which gives your lips a shiny tan gloss?

This lip gloss makes use of cocoa butter instead of beeswax to help it set slightly. I’ve also added in sunflower lecithin which is creamy, dark and moisturising. Lecithin has a chocolatey scent which will help to create the overall choc fragrance. You have to make sure that you use melted chocolate and not cocoa powder as otherwise it will give the lip gloss a grainy texture.

Check beforehand that tan is a good colour for you and your complexion, but if it works then this is a great simple DIY natural lip gloss! I tried it out and it lasted for an hour before I needed to apply another coat. The only problem is that you need to make sure you’re not trying to lick it off your lips as then you’ll be constantly reapplying your gloss.

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