Formula Botanica Review

Formula Botanica Review: Students share their experiences

I love DIY beauty recipes and fun skincare products that you can easily make at home, which is why I run this DIY Beauty Diva website. However, many of the people who I work with want to take their love of DIY cosmetics one step further and want to start their own natural skincare business.

I run Formula Botanica, the online Organic Cosmetic Science School. Together with my global team and our 100% online courses, we teach you how to start your own natural skincare business. We have now seen more than 1,000 students come through our virtual doors, who are based in over 75 countries around the world.

Some of our current students and customers have been writing about their experiences with Formula Botanica recently and I wanted to share them here on my blog.

Formula Botanica Review: TOSé Skincare by Abha Sharma

Formula Botanica Review: Natural Skincare Workshops by Timi Racz

Formula Botanica Review: Mimi’s Organics by Rumbi Serima-Fowler

Formula Botanica Review: Walk Mill Botanics by Vicki Evans

Formula Botanica Review: Beauty 4 Peace by Callie Lyons

Formula Botanica Review: huna Natural Apothecary by Heather Urquhart

Formula Botanica Review: Alchemy du Corps by Liz Ayling

Formula Botanica Review: Balm Kitchen by Teresa Foo

Formula Botanica Review: The Work of Your Hands by Ola Oshodi-Glover

Formula Botanica Review: Mansi Thukral Chandra

Formula Botanica Reviews by a large selection of our students and graduates


We strongly support all of our students and graduates at Formula Botanica and we are always excited to see their products take the world by storm. Some of our graduates have won awards, some have been featured in glossy magazines such as Vogue, some of them have been interviewed on TV – we are incredibly proud of all of them and want to see them succeed in the natural skincare industry.

If you want to learn more about Formula Botanica’s graduates, please see for more information.

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