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Welcome to DIY Beauty Diva

I’m really excited to bring to you this new website for DIY and homemade beauty recipes! It is my intention that DIY Beauty Diva becomes the ‘go to’ page for anyone looking for good quality homemade beauty recipes.

My Pledge to YOU

Gone are the days of pretending that certain beauty products aren’t really easy to make.

Gone are the days of homemade beauty products crawling with bacteria, fungus and mould.

Gone are the days of rubbish ingredients that will give you contact dermatitis.

Gone are the days of following recipes that won’t actually benefit your skin and hair.

DIY Beauty Diva will bring you the best recipes available, partially written here by me, partially written by other authors, partially collected from elsewhere on the internet with the authors’ permission.

Let me introduce myself


Hello! My name is Lorraine Dallmeier and I run DIY Beauty Diva.

Am I a Diva? Only in so far that I do not want to use conventional personal care products any more and that I prefer going down the natural route.

I trained as an ecologist / environmental scientist and have a decade’s worth of experience in the energy industry (where I still work when I’m not doing this, running Herb & Hedgerow and chasing after my whirlwind children). I have two diplomas in cosmetic science, a large herb garden and I love plants.

My partner and I try to minimise our ecological footprint wherever we can and as part of that push to become more sustainable, I started to take an interest in personal care products and their synthetic ingredients many years ago. I realised that yes, many of those synthetic ingredients are perfectly safe to use on our bodies, but actually there are lots of lovely botanical alternatives available which to me are even safer as many of them have been used for thousands of years with great benefit.

I’m not here to start a debate on the pros and cons of the personal care industry, but my personal choice is to avoid certain chemicals and to embrace others. I also know that I am not alone and have observed the huge booming growth in the natural sector over the last decade.

Herb & Hedgerow

In 2012 I set up Herb & Hedgerow, a small UK-based herbal beauty business. My first step was to develop and launch BeautyCraft app for iPhone – the natural beauty recipe book. BeautyCraft contains 101 recipes that teach you how to make simple fresh, fun beauty products from scratch at home using ingredients you might even already have in your kitchen.

BeautyCraft has been sold all over the world in over 50 countries, ranging from Botswana to Norway to Chile to Kuwait. It’s clear – many people want to learn how to make their own homemade beauty products as they start to realise that making your own body scrub or face mask actually isn’t that complicated.

Fun & Fresh

The beauty of making your own personal care products is that you can make them fresh whenever you need them. Skincare manufacturers generally don’t have this luxury as they have to preserve their water-based products to avoid any microbial, fungal or mould growth. This is a good thing as you really don’t want to be massaging beasties into your delicate facial skin!

However, the benefit of DIY Beauty Diva is that we can share recipes to use immediately and we don’t have to worry about preservatives. Each recipe will also contain advice on storage and use to help you along.

So here you have it! DIY Beauty Diva is now live. I hope you enjoy it! Let me know how you get on with each recipe by rating it when you’ve used it and please comment with your experiences – I’d love to hear them.

Please stop by on Facebook or Twitter where I will be sharing the latest recipes with my followers. I hope to see you there. <3

Lorraine Dallmeier

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