Lorraine Dallmeier

DIY Beauty Diva

Chief DIY Beauty Diva, Director of Formula Botanica, Director of Herb & Hedgerow

Hello! I’m Lorraine Dallmeier and I am a Biologist.

I live on the south coast of the UK and I love using plants for beauty. I have spent the last ten years trying to save the environment in various jobs around the world while teaching myself about cosmetic herbalism. I have also trained in botanical cosmetic science and I teach people how to make their own natural skincare.

I have always used natural botanical products on my skin which are based around the concept of ‘skinfood’. Then about five years ago I realised how easy it was to make my own skincare and started teaching myself to make beauty products from scratch.

Ever since I started BeautyCrafting my own products, I’ve found myself drawing on my scientific knowledge and training. My scientific background has given me an understanding of how various botanical ingredients work together when formulating new skincare recipes or products.

I am the Director of Formula Botanica, the online Organic Cosmetic Science School. The School has seen close to 5,000 international students through its virtual doors since 2012 and teaches Diplomas and Certificates in various aspects of natural and organic skincare. You can contact Formula Botanica here.

I also sell BeautyCraft app for iPhone, a fabulous DIY beauty app for iPhone which contains 101 recipes to make with ingredients you can easily find and use.

How This Website Works: Submission Guidelines

DIY Beauty Diva is a recipe website where I will publish my own recipes and curate other DIY beauty recipes from around the internet with their owners’ permission. Please browse the recipes, try them out at home and come back to rate them so others can learn from your experiences. I want this website to host the largest collection of top quality DIY beauty recipes on the internet!

If you would like to submit a recipe, please contact me at diva@diybeautydiva.com. You will always be given full credit and I am happy to link back to your site and promote you on social media. There are a few key requirements for each of the DIY beauty recipes featured on this website:

  • They must contain only natural ingredients.
    • They must be recipes that anyone can replicate.
      • They must be good for your skin and your body.
        • They must be safe.
          • They must contain shelf-life information.


          I will vet each recipe personally to make sure that they meet these criteria – with this website I aim to wheedle out some of the silly DIY beauty recipes that don’t work and which tell you to keep your homemade water-based cosmetics for months. You would be surprised how many of the recipes you find on Pinterest encourage you to use bacteria and fungus-ridden cosmetics.

          Are you a DIY Beauty Diva?

          I do hope so. I hope you will join me on my quest to bring together all the best DIY skincare recipes on the internet. I am a DIY Beauty Diva because…

          • I want to be in control of what I put on my skin.
            • I like to make my beauty products fresh.
              • I want my beauty products to contain great botanical ingredients.
                • I want to avoid lots of shop-bought packaging.
                  • I am an Eco-Chic Warrior!


                  I set up this website because I want you to become a DIY Beauty Diva too.


                  Come on over and follow me on social media where I share all my latest DIY skincare recipes:


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