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DIY Chocolate Honey Cake Mask - DIY Beauty

DIY Chocolate Honey Cake Mask

Make your own DIY Beauty facial mask using chocolate, honey and double cream. Just try not to eat it all before you apply it!

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DIY Hemp & Honey Lip Balm Recipe

Hemp & Honey Lip Balm

You rarely see DIY beauty recipes use hemp oil, which is what initially drew me to this recipe. This lip balm is also blended with honey which is brilliant for the lips, given its antibacterial properties.

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Cleopatra Milk and Honey Bath Soak

Milk & Honey Bath Soak

Milk and honey have been used in baths for thousands of years. Cleopatra soaked in fragrant milk and honey baths, which kept her skin looking beautiful and radiant. This recipe for Cleopatra’s Milk and Honey Bath Soak will help you do the same.

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DIY Perfect Plum Cider Cleanser - DIY Beauty

Perfect Plum Cider Cleanser

Plums are packed with antioxidants, which are thought to be great for anti-ageing purposes in skincare. Combined with hydrating honey and exfoliating apple cider vinegar, this Perfect Plum Cider Cleanser is a ruby red fruity treat to gently massage into your delicate facial skin.

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14 Unmissable DIY Lip Balm Recipes

14 Unmissable DIY Lip Balm & Lip Gloss Recipes

For the last two weeks I have been running an event on Facebook called “14 Days of DIY Lip Balm” in the run-up to Valentine’s Day. I hope you were able to join me for it, but if not – don’t worry! I’m sharing all the recipes here once again in this blog on 14 […]

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DIY Elderberry Tinge Lip Gloss Recipe

Elderberry Tinge Lip Gloss

This Lip Gloss double as a sort-of “lip mask” because it contains two ingredients that lock in moisture – honey and vegetable glycerine. I made an elderberry glycerite which forms the foundation for this lip gloss.

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